Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rumstylin in Key West

Sloppy Joe's
      This is probably the most densely bar populated piece of land in the world (1 1/2 X 4 1/2 mile island with 255 bars.) and a rumstyler's dream.    If you are a fan of the old traditional bars like Sloppy Joe's, Captain Tony's or Schooner Wharf Bar with the atmosphere of a wild party and loud music Duval Street is the place you want to be.     This is a party that runs nightly deep into the AM.     The music, the warm weather,  the crowd, and the rum make this a party capitol year round.     There is a reason that the spring breakers, New Years Revelers,  and of course Fantasyfest goers flock to Key West and Duval Street.

Speakeasy Inn & Rum Bar
      For those who like it a bit quieter, there is the quiet end of Duval Street where you can find places like La Ti Da, The Rum Bar, and the Southernmost Beach Cafe.     These are places that have a strong local eclectic atmosphere that make it a great stop for the locals and the tourists.    

For those of you that are new to town and want to have a better feel for the more popular bars, check the bars for a copy of  Drink Key West, a guide to the "dizzying array of unique drinking establishments in the little town".     The guide takes you from the Oldest Bar in Key West ( The Green Parrot) to Dinner house bars ( Kelly's Caribbean or the Conch Republic Seafood Company) to strip joints.    There are those on the next the island ( Stock Island) like the Hurricane Hole and The Hogfish that give the fisherman and seafood lovers a taste of old Key West.     Back on the Island for those who prefer the waterfront there are great venues like Schooner Wharf, The Beach Bar at the Pier House, Louie's Backyard After deck, and Dante's.     If there is an atmosphere to suit your mood or party then, you can find it in Key West.

Sailing into the Night
   As the sun begins to set the bars and tourist become mariners and hit the water for the sunset sailing parties that fill the waters of Key West Harbor.     There are power and sail boats ass well as historic schooners to take you out on there rumstylers adventures.    Feel like a pirate on this historic old island  some time this year you won't be sorry.    ;o)

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