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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Moon is Past and the World Still Exists.

     I guess that the gloom and doom folks failed again, and the world did not come to an end on the Super Moon.     The thing that did happen was a lot of people got out and partied into the wee hours and really enjoyed themselves here in Key West.       The Mike, Mike, and Bob brigade left the "Mother Ship" in the dinghy and headed for Schooner Wharf to search for the "End of the World" and only found a great time.     Most of the people we ran into were having way too much fun to be worried about the world coming to an end, so we kept searching.   

      The worries of the combination of a St Patrick's Day Bar Stroll and  the "Super Moon" only produced a bunch of revelers that overcame the bad spirits of the "Super Moon" and balanced the universe to have  a gala evening.     I guess in the larger scheme of things the earth does rely on balance and having the two events simultaneously was really a good thing.   

     Tomorrow I'll cover the St. Patrick's day Bar Stroll with some pictures and stories that I observed from behind the bar yesterday.     It is absolutely amazing what rumstylin on a St. Patricks Day Bar Stroll can discover.    

     The good news is that the world survived and I'll be able to keep inundating you with these stories.     ;o)

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  1. Hey Bob! Glad you survived Super Moon & St Pat's day in Key West.
    I'll be in St. Martin N.A. next week and was hoping you can recommend some "rhums" of the French persuasion to try. Thanks for any advice- rum on!