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Friday, November 11, 2011

Travel Day to San Juan

     This day is a travel day; we are leaving the Virgin Islands today headed for San Juan, Puerto Rico.     We spent the morning enjoying our last moments of beautiful views and great fun in the Virgin Islands.     I spent some time this morning with my old friend Robert Z and then back to the condo to pick up the rest of the crew and off to the airport.

     Last night Marta and I spent the evening enjoying a fine dinner at Mim’s and a fun time at Iggie’s enjoying the live music and Jason’s fine cocktails.      Jack and Lauren, two of our lab mice, use to live in St. Thomas and work at Iggie’s.   They gave us some really great recommendations of where to eat and drink, and we really appreciate their recommendations because the food, drink and the vibe was absolutely excellent.     

     Today was a recovery day after 5 fun filled days in the Virgin Islands and all of the hijinks of the week; we need to recover before starting the Rum Day in Puerto Rico and the Rum Cruise to follow.      Tomorrow we are visiting a distillery or two here in Puerto Rico, and wandering around Old San Juan visiting some very unique watering holes.      Until tomorrow, it is a laid back evening here in the room.     ;o)

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  1. Man... I hope between you, Carl, Mike and whoever else you all lured into your debauchery that Iggies will still be there for us in January!

    Looks great! Thanks for reporting!