Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Enjoying the Rums of Your Life Responsibly

     One of the biggest problems here in America and many other places in the world is drinking of rum beverages and getting home safely.     We all know the price of drinking and driving, but there are other ways to avoid this problem.      One of the easiest is to choose a party place that is near enough to your house to walk or bicycle (if you are not to far gone) home from.     The Taxi is probably the best if you are traveling cross town.  
     I've found a neat way to be safe and still have a few of my favorite rum drinks and enjoy the company of friends (Rumstyling if you will).     I've found that my boatlife has lent me to an opportunity that few others have.  I choose the establishments that have docks that are designated for customers of the establishment and are dinghy friendly.     Many of the bars around Key West are pet friendly, but there are only a few dinghy friendly bars in the area.       I find that my cruise to and from these establishments to be just a grand part of the evening out.      In the Key West Bight area there is the dock by the Halfshell Raw Bar, The Turtle Kraals, and Schooner Wharf.     In Cow Key Channel area we have the Hurricane Hole and the Boathouse in the Coconut Malory.     And of course the Hogfish in Safe Harbour.    These are great for the returning fishermen (and women) needing a place to brag about their catch, the working stiff letting off some steam, the tourists wanting some local culture and the rest of us tropical rumstylers.
     The important this is to have fun with out putting yourself or others in harms way.     Whether you take a taxi, walk, bike, or dinghy do it safely.     The real law in Key West is a very simple one, "Anything goes as long a you don't step on others toes to do it".     If we all follow this in our rumstyling adventures we can really have fun safely.   Lets all get out and do it right!!!!!!!!   I want to survive this great life as well.