Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Saturday, January 8, 2011

We're Talking about the Rum in Rumstylin'

     We've been talking about everything in rumstylin' for the past few days , but the RUM!!!    Today we will change all that and talk a little about the rums that make rumstylin happen.     I tend to follow both ends of the rums for my personal palliate, I like the well rums with tonic and a lime for my bar hopping time and a fine sipping rum like 20th Anniversary Plantation Barbados while relaxing on the aft deck of the boat.     Several other situations come to mind when I think about the rums, if a hurricane is eminent, I mix up a 2 gallon batch of "Hurricane Bob" and all of the marina residents sit on the dock and drink in defiance to scare the storm away ( by the way it has not failed us yet).     If I feel a cold coming on there is always "Bahama Bob's Root Juice" to make me fell better and ready to face the world.    On a rare cold night down here there is always hot coffee with rum and cream add to chase away the cold.   As you are beginning to see the is a rum for all occasions and situations.

     What make rum this magic elixir??????     Could it be it starts life as a sweet molasses or a sweet stalk of sugar cane.    Maybe it's the fact that seafarin' pirates drew us into their magical world of swashbuckling and wenches.     Don't forget the "rum runnin'" days of Prohibition and all the excitement of smuggling of the elixir to the speakeasy's in the United States.     Yes, and  the excitement of drinking behind closed doors.
What ever the reason it has become the drink of the 2000's.    No matter what the reason it offers a taste for every palliate, it is that no two rums taste the same, and this makes it an adventure to find your "personal best" rum and then come the excitement of making sure you can get it again after you return home from your  quest of fine rum around the world.

     No matter how you acquire your rum it is the fun you have with your friends and relaxing in your own special way that makes rumstylin' really work.     Keep the Quest Alive, Chase Rum.  ;o)