Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thinking About a Home Rum Bar

     I was sitting back last night on the boat last night thinking about life back on Lake Norman and the rum bar in my house, wondering what was necessary to have a fun place to rumstyle at home.      I remember collecting rums at the various ABC liquor stores and as I traveled around to the Bahamas, Key West, and Puerto Rico  searching for that special rum that I couldn't get at home.     It was and still is one of the greatest feeling when you locate an unusual and great rum to bring back and share with your friends.      We use to have friends by on a regular basis to create new concoctions and enjoy those special rums.      I also remember the Tuesday night get togethers on the water where I'd bring a gallon of "Hurricane Bob" and the "Guys" would cruise from one resort to another just enjoying the drink and friends.

     I feel this rumstylin' is as much about doing something different and sharing with your friends as it is about the rums and   getting a buzz.    Today I hang out at the Hurricane Hole here in Key West, after work to share the days news and have some fun.   This provides me with the same enjoyment as it did up on the lake before I moved down here.     I still have a nice little rum bar on the boat in which I still have friends over to enjoy the fine rums I have collected  during my travels.   

     I guess that it doesn't matter where you are you can be a true rumstyler is that is the person you really are.      The more I travel around and the more people that I meet, I come to realize that it is the loose knit friendships forged over a rum cocktail at anyplace you happen to be are the friends that seem to  keep crossing your mind year in and year out.     Thank You to all my wonderful rumstylin' friends and hope I get to see them again soon.    ;o)