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Friday, January 14, 2011

Plantation from a Rumstyler's Point of View

     Today we start talking about some specific rums.     The subject for today is Plantation.     The thing about Plantation that makes it interesting to me is the fact that they don't actually make rum, but rather finish and bottle rum.     Pierre Ferrnad of Cognac, France, buys up fine rums from several different rum producing superstars that have rested for a short period of time and then brings to his chateau in Cognac.     The rums are then finished , and aged in a variety of barrels and casks tat rested bourbon,scotch,cognac, and sherry.     This gives the Plantation a very special place in the rum world.

     One of my favorite Plantation Rums that are currently available is the Plantation Trinidad 2000.     This is a very light and delicate rum that has been rested in scotch barrels and  has a sweet and delicately spicy  and finishes with a smooth dry spicy flavor.      There are three fine rums from Barbados that also qualify as favorites.     Barbados Grande Reserve 5 year old, Barbados 1999 or 2000, and the real champion of the Barbados group is the 20th Anniversary Extra Old Barbados Rum.      This is a fine Barbados Rum that benefits from the expertise of Alexandre Gabriel's team at Cognag Ferrnad.     This combination unites two special groups of very talented people in order for you to enjoy such exquisite results.     This is one of those rums that blends a complex of vanilla, chocolate, banana, and coconut flavors that still  allows you to taste the sugar cane.     The great thing about Plantation is the variertyof  rums that they have finished and made available to the palliate of the rumstylers.     There are also rums from Guyana, Jamaica, Grenada, Nicaragua, Panama, St. Lucia, and Venezuela.   This is one this rumstyler's dream team of rums.

     As the weeks go by I will be able to spend some more time with my favorite rums and hopefully be able to introduce you to some of these fine sipping rums.     Til next time.  ;o)