Saturday, January 29, 2011

Taking Flight to Discover Rums.

     Finding a really great rum can be a frustrating and expensive process that is really not necessary.     Many or the better rum bars offer a rum flight where you can sample several rums at a reasonable price.     These flights with the assistance of a knowledgeable bartender can be fun and a great learning experience.     In most cases you can choose the ones you want to try, but if you have no Idea of what is fitting to your palate, then you can ask your bartender for assistance.     Be sure to let the bartender what rums you have tasted and which ones fit your palate and which ones didn't.     This will help in choosing a selection of rums that are in the area that you prefer.

   At the Rum Bar here in Key West we offer a 'Rum Run" in a model of a prohibition era "black boat" like those used in rum running.     You can choose 5 rums for $25.00 (with the exception of the very top shelf rums for which there id an extra charge) and taste them like a rum judge would in a festival.      Sampling these rums will lead you to some amazing discoveries you probably would never otherwise be able to find.     Many of the patrons find that if you choose three and then wait to make the final two choices you can find what your palate prefers and the bartender can then find some rums that are just what you are looking for.

     Rum Tasting is a great way to discover new and wonderful rums whether you do it at a friends place, a bar or even at some of the better liquor stores that sometimes have samples on display  for you to sample.     Never turn down the opportunity to try and experience a new and different rum.     You never know what will light your palate up and be your new favorite rum.      This is a rumstylers duty to try what ever is available to you even if it turns out not to fit your palate, you can say "I've had that one and it wasn't to my taste".      Rums offer a different flavor for each brand you open up, so just because you may have had one of a brand there may be others made by that company that are to your taste.     I recently had this happen to me in Barbados last fall, I've never been much of a fan of the Cockspur line of rums, in Barbados I was introduced to their VXOR rum, that is among my favorites today.     A lot of thing go on behind the scenes in the rum production and these change the outcome of the product.     Cockspur just bought back the brand from an American group and has improved the product immensely, much to my delight.     Just because you may not have liked something in the past try it again if the opportunity come up, because you may find they have fixed what you didn't like.    Just get out and taste, it is very rewarding.   ;o)