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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rumstylin with Flor De Cana

     Flor de Cana is specially crafted in Nicaragua by some of the finest rum crafters anywhere.     Flor de Cana was first created at the Ignenio San Antonio Sugar Mill, a plantation that Companio Licorera de Nicaragua planned to develop.    They built their first distillery at Chichigalpa in 1890, but it wasn't until 1937 that Flor de Cana was first introduced.    In 1959 was the first time that it was exported, but only to Venezuela, Costa Rica, and other Central American  countries .     In the mid 60's it plantation in Chichigalpa was modernized and a second distillery established in Honduras.     Flor de Cana is recognized today as one of the best of the Central American rums.     This fine line of rums has received more that 100 awards since 2000.          The distinctive label that is present on all of the bottles was inspired by the palm trees in either side of the railroad that leads to the Santonio Sugar Mill.     The Volcano in the center is the San Cristobal, Nicaragua's tallest.

     There is a very full line of rums that are now available here in the United States today.     There is a 4 year old Extra Dry, a 4 year old Gold, a 7 year old Gran Reserva, a 12 year old  Centenario, and an 18 year old Centenario Gold.     The 18 year old Centenario Gold is a warm, full bodied  sipping rum that offers a palate taste of chocolate, carmel, nuts and spices.     The finish is one of length leaving smokey oak, and sugars.     Serving it on the rocks opens up something of a sweeter taste on the palate.    

     Compania Licorera de Nicaragua produces more that 4 million cases of rum per year and boasts the largest stock of aged rums in the Caribbean.  

     The 4 year Old Extra Dry and Gold are fine mixing rums that will put character and depth to your Mojito, Rum Punch or a Cuba Libra.     You'll find these rums a valued addition to any Rumstyler's collection.   ;o)