Friday, February 11, 2011

Rumstylin' at Large.

     Today is one of those days that makes me smile when I get out of bed.     Been to the gym already and now I'm sitting at the computer thinking about how really great things are right now.     Tonight is a real treat for me I'm attending a John Prine concert here in Key West.     John is a songwriter, composer that has been around since the 60's and shares a unique vision of  life and the world that few people ever think about.     I had just moved here 2 days after his last Key West concert and was disappointed that I had missed it.     Tonight that is all forgotten as I will be in attendance.    You will have a full report tomorrow.

          Yesterday at the Rum Bar was another of those experiences that puts a smile on my face, I spent some time talking with a couple that had just returned from Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands.     It is always a pleasure to share the experiences and the tales from other peoples perspective.     Listening to the fun stories of party and exploration from White Bay made me want to head out right then for another adventure in the Islands.     So many thins that have yet been done both here in Key West and  all over the Caribbean.     I guess that is why I really fee blessed in that I get to live in paradise and meet very colorful and interesting people every day as part of this great big party that I call a job.     

     I guess I almost forgot that I am leaving the "rock" on Monday for 5 days in Panama to visit and widen my knowledge of the Ron Abuelo line of fine rums.     This will be my first visit to Panama and I am really excited about seeing a new country and new distilleries.     I won't have a blog on Monday as I will be en route to Panama, but I will be sending reports and pictures as each day progresses.      I will be traveling with a group of rum ambassadors of which I am a member, it is our job to keep on top of the latest changes in rum production and marketing and spread the word about the rums, their taste and what new products are coming out.    

     Seeing that today is only Friday and I have "so little" to do today that I better start preparing for a day at the Rum Bar and how many new and exciting people that I'll get to have "too much fun" with.     I'd like to thank all of you who have been following all my wanderings for the past month or so and looking forward to  babbling on about the exciting world of rumstylin'.     If you have any pix and stories you want to relay to me that I can pass along to others, please send me a note on facebook ( click on the badge to the right) .     ;o)