Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's like the Party Never Ended

     I'm back behind the bar again and yesterday was just like it was last weekend before I left for a week in Panama.     The place was filled with some really fun people that were enjoying stories and having some of the new cocktails that we found in Panama.     This is really fun for me and why I keep searching the bars and countryside for new cocktails that are really fun.     I kind of goes wit rum a lot.     It seems that people who drink rum are really having fun, well the rest of them it is mostly just trying to understand the craziness that us rummy's already know about.     Several of my old friends are in town this weekend, which stir memories of several other fun afternoons here at the Rum Bar.     It was like that party from several months ago never ended and it was going again, or still if you know what I mean.    

     Today I received an e-mail from another of my rumstylin' buddies that are having a "Blender Party" tonight and asked for a recipe for a "Hurricane Bob", so I'll be expecting pictures soon from that one.    It is this type of fun "Tiki" partys that make the rumstylin' life the fun world that it is.     If you have one of our favorite events writ and tell me about it .     Just click on my facebook badge and send me a Personal Message about your party and send pictures that I can put on line.     The sharing of ideas to make our rumstylin' partys more fun is what this is all about and the party is the culmination of this celebration.     

     It's just like me, when the day is done, I jump into my dinghy and cruise over to the Hurricane Hole and my rum and tonic is on the bar by the time I tie-up and climb on to the dock.     These are the good times and we all need to chill a bit  to enjoy them and life can be a whole lot better for you and those around you.     That is enough of my Sunday morning preaching, so I'll just head down to the Rum Bar and have a little fun.    ;o)