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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Break: Key West 2011

"Where the Boys Are" 1961
      It has descended upon us, Spring Break 2011.     This is a fun time of year for most of us down here in Key West, with in influx if thousands of college kids here to escape the chilly north and the pressures of school for a week or so.     This is a tradition of college students that was really kicked into high gear in 1961 with the movie "Where the Boys Are" that told the story of 4 Midwest college co-eds going to Fort Lauderdale for their spring vacation.      The adventures these gals have as they seek out romance and fun on their vacation.     This was a bit of a provocative movie for the day, but very tame by today's standards.     

      Anyway this is kind of the start of a tradition that still takes place today as thousands upon thousands of college kids head to the tropics and Key West for their spring breaks.     Key West provides a special attraction for the college kids these days because of the safety, close proximity, and it is in America.     This means no passports, border crossings of foreign police.     Key West with it's "live and let live" attitude allows these spring breakers to be themselves and not have to be worried about what people think about them.    

Key West offers large beaches with relative freedom to party and dance to loud music all day long and the Duval Street night life is hard to beat at any other venue.     Day time is a constant parade of bicycle, scooters, and pedestrians moving to and from the beaches, restaurants, and bars as these kids frolic in the tropical sunshine.     One of the gr e at phenomenon that takes place here in Key West is how the locals and the tourists seem to be able to blend and both enjoy the same spaces as the "normal" year-round party's just ramp up a bit for spring break.     2011 looks to be one of the bigger turn outs for Key West, because of the cold weather up North and even in northern Florida, and the additional safety issues in Mexico and other places, Key West seems to be the destination of choice this year.  

     Over the next few weeks I'll be covering "Spring Break 2011" as it is just getting underway and will continue til Easter.     Come along and join me as we get to see what this traditional migration is all about.   ;o)