Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Latest Rum Lab was a Great Success

The Denizen Gang
     Another day of suffering through the heat here in Key West, but it was a very successful visit to the Rum Lab yesterday.    The bulk of the work was aimed at developing new cocktails using Denizen White Rum,  .   The real purpose of this work was to showcase Denizen Rum in our upcoming Denizen Rum promotion at the Rum Bar on August 13th from 2 to 5 pm.

The Lab Mice
     We were able to create several new cocktails that were well received by those there for the tasting and commentary.     We will be showcasing a new Denizen Swizzle, Denizen Punch, and Denizen Rosy at the event.      It is through this research and the able help of friends that makes these  new cocktails possible.     It is the honest and sometimes brutal feedback that allows us to make some changes that will improve a so-so cocktail to a quality one or just toss the idea and start in a new direction.     Some cocktails that are close to being something good only need a subtle change to make them good, others you have to take one ingredient at a time out of the mix in order to find the one that is giving it a funky taste.    Then it is an "A B A" approach in order to fix the problem.

     This is not all work, there is some enjoyment and feeling of accomplishment when you get one or two right.     Yesterday was one of the most successful of the labs.    Having the input from a knowledgeable and professional group is what really makes these labs work.     Another Rum lab is scheduled for next Friday to complete some of the ideas that we weren't able to get to and start on some new ones.     ;o)