Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer is Really Coming to an End.

     Today it finally dawned on me as I had to stop behind a school bus as it picked up the kids that summer is about to come to an official end this weekend.   Labor Day, the real end of summer with the kids back in school and the parents thinking about school supplies and clothes for the kids instead of heading down to the shore or up to the lake.     It is a funny thing down here in Key West, we don't have the weather change that tells us that summer is ending, our leaves don't turn to colors and it doesn't start to get chilly.     We on the other hand can tell when September arrives by the lack of tourists visiting the island and the chance for us to get out and play a little bit.    

     Monday my wife and several of he girl friends are heading to the Bahama's for a girl's cruise, other friends are leaving to go up North to visit friends and family.     For me I just like to get in the dinghy and cruise out to some of the places around Key West that are usually really crowded the rest of the year and just drift with the tides and currents and watch and take pictures.     The quiet and beauty of this place just puts me in a state of almost nirvana.     There have been very few places in my life that have made me feel so at peace with the world as this one does.      It is like the Jimmy Buffett Song  "When the Coast is Clear",  I get to spend time with the guy that enjoys being out on the water and being one with the sea and the marine world that never fails to amaze me.   

     This is the time of the year to reflect and get away from the hustle of making a living and get out to your sanctuary for a while.     ;o)