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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Abuelo Centuria Has Arrived in the United States

     Abuelo Centuria has made it's arrival in the United States and is currently be distributed by Republic National distribution.     This long awaited rum from Panama has been on of the most sought after rums in a long time.     This is the rum that was made by Valera Hermanos family to celebrate 100 years of rum making in Panama.     This is without a doubt one of the finest rums that I have ever tasted and worth every sent of it's premium price tag.     Make sure that you take the time to talk to your rum provider and have them get this on for your enjoyment.

     The very colorful history of Varela Hermanos has been  brought to life in this solera aged premium rum.   This is a rum making history that began in 1908 and is still going strong today.     There were no restrictions and this is the benchmark of what great rum should be, and a fitting tribute to the family and their quality rum making skills and long history of doing so.     So many of you have already tasted this fine rum at the Rum Bar in Key West, it is time for the rest of you to get a bottle and keep it for those very special occasions when a snifter of fine Abuelo Centuria Rum is what is appropriate.     ;o)