Friday, October 7, 2011

El Dorado 8 Demerara's Latest Success Story

     The addition of El Dorado 8 year old rum rung the bell on my first taste of it from our Opici Distributor.     This is a dark auburn rum that has been created from molasses and distilled in their wooden pot and column stills that bring out the fabulous flavor of the Demerara rums.    The Rum is aged in old bourbon and whiskey barrels for 8 years before being bottled and released for sale to the public.  This rum is a bit heavier than the 5 year, and a bit lighter than the 12 year old rums.    This is accomplished by the amount of pot stilled rum in the blend.

     The rum is a very well balanced full bodied rum suitable for sipping or mixing.      On the nose, you bet the woody and spicy aromas that draw you right in.     You pick up notes of vanilla, maybe some toffee, wood, fruits, and spices on the palate.  The rum has a long lasting finish and the flavor seem to linger on for a long time.     This is a rum that we will bring into the Rum Lab one day in the near future to see what we can create with it.

     The rum is very competitively priced and is affordable as a mixer, but good enough to be sipping as well.   First class rum that fits in beautifully between the El Dorado 5 year old and the 12 year old members of the family.   ;o)