Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cruzin the Historic Waterfront of Key West

     Yesterday was a day off, and it was my pleasure to jump into the dinghy on such a beautiful day and just roam the water ways to see what was going on.     I found my way into the Key West Bight and found some beautiful and scenic images of boats and people and buildings as I roamed around.     The bight is filled with very colorful and impressive boats to see, as well as people and buildings.    The dinghy is the perfect vessel to wander through these harbor waterways, because you are low and small and can get in and out of all of the nooks and crannies easily to take the pictures and see what is happening.

     The Waterfront is dotted with all kinds of sights to rouse your interest, from waterfalls and art to the fantastic yachts you can see there.   You never seem to be lacking for something to see or do there.    If it is food you are looking for there are sophisticated to the funky little places that all present you palate with great culinary delights.     Whether it is swimming, fishing, parasailing, dining, drinking and music, you can find it in the area in and around the Key West Historic Seaport.   

      Historic is the best word to describe what this port has seen in it's history and today is no exception.    You to can be a part of the old history when you sail on the one of the historic old schooners or party at Schooner Wharf.

     Next time you are in Key West it is time well spent wandering through and enjoying the sights and trying out all of the things that happen at the Historic Seaport.    See you on the water there.   ;o)