Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brugal Blanco Especial: A White Rum

    We have had most all of the Brugal line of  rums at the Rum Bar for some time including the famed 1888 Brugal Rum.    Yesterday Isabel Caicedo, account manager for Brugal, stopped by and gave me thought to look at the Brugal Blanco Especial. 

     This is a new white rum that is selling like hotcakes through out the Caribbean.     This white rum is actually a double distilled gold rum that has been aged for 12 to 18 months in white bourbon barrels.     The finished rum is then triple charcoal filtered to remove any impurities and bring the golden hue back to colorless again.

     Back to the beginning, this is a rum that is made from locally farmed Dominican Republic sugarcane that is crushed within a short two days after cutting.   The proprietary yeast is added and the fermentation is completed in less than two days.    Brugal will next put the rum through two passes in their column stills     followed by being placed in the white American Oak bourbon barrels to rest for 12 to 18 months before filtering and bottling.

     This is a great "blanco rum" for any of your premium cocktails and makes a great upgrade mojito or daiquiri.    When you are in the liquor store looking for a really nice white rum, try this "Brugal Blanco Especial", you will not be disappointed.    ;o)