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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cane Garden Bay: Tortola BVI

     Cane Garden Bay is on the Northwest side of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.     This unique bay is the home of Stanley's and Callwood Distillery as well as some of the most beautiful scenery on Tortola.   This is a magical bay that is just over the mountain from Road Town, and can first be seen as you arrive from high on the ridge above.   The bay is a favorite anchorage for sailors and dreamers.     As you arrive either by water or by land there is a sense of the specialness of this little corner of Tortolla.

     Jimmy Buffett's one time presence in the bay is still felt today, as you stop at Stanley's Welcome Bar and see the "Cheeseburger in Paradise" on the menu.   From the words of Jimmy"s song "Manana", "I hear it gets better that's what they say as soon as we sail on the Cane Garden Bay", and it really does.    It is truly an area that tropical songs are written about.

     This is a quiet place that can make a lot of noise even when it is being peaceful and relaxed.   There are so many restaurants, beach bars, and activities that you really don't have to leave the bay for days.   You can play and dance or you can just bask in the sun on the beach, either way it is a lot of fun.  

     Don't forget to stop by the Callwoood Rum Distillery and have a taste of the overproof "Cane Juice".   This is a great step into a time capsule that gives you an opportunity to see how rum was created in the days of the pirates and the early rum distillers.   This is a trip that will not soon be forgotten nor will your tasting of the Cane Juice.    Your rum collection is not complete without one of the bottles of rum from this historic distillery.

     Whether it's today or in your future, you need to spend some time on Cane Garden Bay and just let the world slip by as you relax, dance the night away, and sip some of the fine cocktails that you can get there in the bay.   ;o)