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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Spring Break Party 2013 Begins

    Next week kicks off the 2013 edition of Spring Break in Key West.   The annual invasion of the college students from all around the country.   This annual migration is always a great time to be had by all that are young at heart enough to enjoy the hi-jinx. 

     If the sounds of scooter horns blowing and a lot of college students letting off steam for the next three weeks, Key West is not where you want to be.   The beaches will be covered with the masses of student bodies basking in the sun and chillin' out.    The roar of the music and the all out 24 hour party time is upon us.  

     I know that the town will be jumping, we hope for a fun and safe Spring Break 2013, and a whole lot of fun for all.   Bring the party on, I'm ready to have it happening again.   ;o)

1 comment:

  1. BBL , you get more women behind the bar than anyone I've ever seen
    I'll see you in march with a few shot doctors in hand for the spring breakers

    The Island doctor /the shot doctor