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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MIT Scientists Develop a "Buzz Buster"

   Our Science dollars at work, researchers at MIT have been working with an enzyme that metabolizes alcohol, reducing the blood alcohol levels in drunk mice.  The idea of the enzymes is to create a "liver" inside of your stomach.   The idea of being able to pop a pill and drop your blood alcohol level quickly could be a significant advance in the prevention of drunken driving or even hang overs the next morning.

     Enzymes are bio/chemical catalysts that speed up the normal functions of your body.  In the case of these enzymes used for the "Buzz Buster", the break down alcohol.  There is a down side to the main enzyme Oxidase, in that it produces hydrogen peroxide.  The scientists have found by mixing it with another enzyme that decomposes hydrogen peroxide, the process sobers up the partying mice quickly.   The combination are called nanocapsules, and the scientists envision that they can be made into a pill you can take before leaving the bar, party, or other function where alcoholic beverages have been consumed and still be sober enough to keep out of trouble.

    The down side is that you pay good money to get your buzz, then you have to pay again to bring it to a halt.   It is a strange world that we live in, but I do feel that this will reduce the number of impaired drivers on the road after hours or sporting events and concerts if they are available.   It would be a "designated pill" instead of a "designated driver."   If this works, it would be a great alternative to the designated driver, because some times it is hard for the DD to not participate,   ;o)