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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Color Season is Fast Approaching

Gatlinburg In Fall
     If there is one thing that I miss living in the perpetual land of summer is the beautiful vistas of fall in North Carolina.     Going up in the mountains around Ashville and seeing Mother Natures tapestry of reds, yellows and oranges painted all over the mountain.   It was always fun to jump in the car and drive up Interstate 40 and see all of the splendor of fall.  I can remember going to Gatlinburg and taking the tram up to the top of the mountain, looking down on the color of the valley and just being absolutely in awe of the visions.

Royal Poinciana in Bloom
    I guess that living in any area has it perks and it's price for living there.  I do miss all of the beautiful colors of fall up North.  Down here we have color season the summer when the Royal Poinciana's goes into bloom.  Flying into Key West is like having a red carpet rolled out in front of you on final approach to the Key West Airport.    Up North the wide spread color even reaches  into my back yard where I had over an acre of deciduous trees, this made the yard absolutely gorgeous for about 2 weeks.   Then the leaves fell on the ground and I had to rake up that acre of leaves.  Not so pretty then, especially when spring came and I had to shovel all of the mulch back out into the gardens to make the plants and leaves grow again so I could repeat the process the following fall.

    I guess that you get to choose what is really more important to you, for me I'll take the summer blossoms of the tropical trees and living where it is warm year round.   By the way those Royal Poinciana blossoms fall on the ground too, yes and they have to be raked and swept up as well.   I guess that is the real price for the beauty that you behold.  ;o)