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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Debonaire 15 Year Grand Reserve

"Don Pancho" Fernandez
Debonaire Rums are distilled in Panama and blended by Mr. ‘Don Pancho’ Fernandez, Master Blender, born in Cuba in 1938, and former Master Blender for Havana Club and Abuelo.    Currently the master blender at the Las Cabras Distillery in Panama.  This is one of the masters of rum that has provided so much to the industry in his many years as a blender.  His name on Debonaire 's bottle is an indication of the quality you can expect.


     Debonaire Rums are the newest addition to Phillip S. Zanghi III’s Cigar business, together with fine rums created by "Don Pancho" Fernandez, the combination is unbeatable.  There are few cigar smokers that would not enjoy this fine rum with their Debonaire Cigar.    This classic Spanish style rum is the perfect partner for the cigars.

     There is a golden amber color to the rum, that will draw you in to the glass for your first sensing of the toasty wood, cinnamon and honey aromas.   The rum is a medium bodied rum with a faintly sweet and silkiness that gives way to an oak, spice and fruitiness on the palate.   There is a flavor of vanilla, honey and wood that lingers at the finish.

     This is just one of several very distinguished rum available in the Debonaire line of rums, it is a very nicely finished rum that will make for a perfect sipping addition to you rum shelf.  If you are traveling outside of the United States keep an eye out in the Duty Free Shops for this fine rum and bring it home with you.  ;o)