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Friday, April 11, 2014

Why Do Americans Love so Much Sugar in Their Cocktails?

     This is a question that I ponder most days when I am behind the bar.  It bothers me that people that
visit the bar are so hooked on sweetening their drinks to the point that they can not taste the flavors of the liquor that they bought the cocktail for.   I know that I use the diet mixer to avoid the sugar and calories, but retain some of the sweetness for taste.   I guess the ones that leave me wondering are the ones that buy expensive aged spirits and bury them in a sugary cola or other mixer.

     When I started my Weight Watcher program several years ago, I became aware that there was almost no sugar in natural white rums and if I stayed away from sugared mixes I could still enjoy my rum and loose weight.   I came across an article this morning that really put things into perspective as to the amount of sugar that is being added to my cocktails without the customer realizing it.
   Rachel Berman, a registered dietitian and director at Health, thinks that even with labels, consumers will still have to be savvy shoppers to understand what they're really getting in their drinks.    "I'm a fan of transparency when it comes to labeling the amount of calories in beverages. However, including nutrients like fat and protein may make it a bit tricky, since the presence of those nutrients may make alcohol look healthful," she told Fox News.

     "Bar drinks can also vary widely in calories and sugar content. For example, a Cosmopolitan (a favorite of any Sex and the City fan) made with a sugar-free mixer and only vodka can have as little as three grams of sugar. But a bartender using triple sec and cranberry juice can craft a Cosmo that contains about 12 grams. A margarita made from standard commercial mix, versus fresh limes, can have as many as 576 calories and 55 grams of sugar. That's like eating three and a half Krispy Kreme glazed donuts."
     "A glass of wine, beer, or a spirit straight-up will be your best bets for a low-sugar beverage. It's typically what's added into your alcohol that contributes excess sugar and calories," she said.
     "Some people are surprised to learn that spirits like vodka, white rum, tequila and whiskey, while high in calories, contain no sugar or carbs. So it's important to pay attention to the choice of mixers. Not surprisingly, a little juice or a splash of sugary soda can really add up."
      The next time you order a Naked Turtle, Shellback, flavored spirits, or even Captain and Coke, you might as well be dipping a piece of chocolate frosted cake in the cocktail, there is really that much sugar involved.   Diets don't mean that you have to quit drinking quality spirits, but rather just look at the sugar content of what you are drinking.    Just like quality vodkas and gins, good white rums have virtually no sugar.   There are many of these honest white rums that you can use for mixing with water, soda or diet mixers and maintain an extremely low sugar intake.   Be aware of what all is going into your cocktails, this will allow you to have your cocktails and have the weight keep falling off as well.  ;o)