Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Friday The 13th and a Full Moon

     Today promises to be a wild and crazy day at the Bar.  It is rare when you get hit by two excuses for crazy people to hit the streets in the same day.   There are a lot of people that will stay in bead on a day like this, but I've been pretty lucky so far in any Friday the Thirteenth in the past.  This is a very interesting combination of star crossed events, both in the same day.

     Beside the day at the Rum Bar, I have an event at the Pier House for Barbancourt just to add to the fun before the day came to an end.  

    Friday the 13th and all the Full Moon parties should add up to a really fun and crazy day here in Key West.  Lets see what it actually does bring to the rock.   No matter how it turns out, I bet I'm going to have a really fun day of it.

     Hope you enjoy your day of crazy and weird events to celebrate the day designed for crazy and nutzoid people to get out and play.  ;o)