Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cruising Around St. John, USVI

     One of the more beautiful water runs that I have made in the Virgin Islands is around St. John.   From the water the island takes on a completely different perspective, one that shows the desert rocky appearance that you would expect to see in the southwest United States.  The scene is complete with cactus, scrub brush and red rock.

     The shoreline is has many spectacular vista that you have a hard leave you just spell bound as you cruise by.  From spectacular rock formations and beautiful homes perched up on the hills this is a very special and magical location.  The water meets the land in a most spectacular fashion and you have to pinch yourself to know that you are really seeing what you see.

     On the water there are some very unusual sights emerging from the beautiful blue waters.  We were cruising along at around 20 naughts when we were joined by a school of flying fish.  This is a sight to see, they had no trouble keeping up with us and the airborne maneuvers were really exciting to observe.

     From the land or the sea, St. John is one of the U.S. Virgin Islands that is worth spending some time on.  From your arrival at Cruise Bay, through the Virgin Island National Park and down to the eastern side and Coral Bay, the camera will be clicking non stop to capture the beauty and excitement of this jewel of an Island. By the Way when you are in Coral Bay, drop by Skinny Legs for lunch and a cocktail, really cool place.   ;o)