Monday, January 19, 2015

Havana Club 7 Year: Big Throughout the Latin Countries

     Havana Club 7 Year Old rum is pushing it's strong appeal across the Latin American countries with a strong success rate throughout the region.  In the Latin world, there is very little white rum consumed, but rather an emphasis of the aged rums all of the way through the ultra-premium expressions.   I really have to agree, the value for your dollar spent is good.  Havana Club 7 to me anyway is the finest of those currently produced by the brand.  In the past their "Barrel Proof" was my favorite, but today I have to stand behind the Havana Club 7 Year old.

     It is felt that the Bacardi brand is seen as a white spirit in the region, but there is hardly  any white rum at all sold in South America, where they basically start with Especial and look to the better rums from there.   There is a serious focus is Havana Club 7 now, it is sold in Mexico where it is competitive at the same price point as 12-year-old Scotch.  Havana Club has taken a deliberate super-premium strategy, that seems to be paying off well for the brand.

     In Havana Club's homeland of Cuba, they sell one million cases a year, which is about 60% of this quality rum bottled produced each year.   Havana Club’s Cuban roots give the brand its strong Latin appeal that resonates across the entire region.   Havana Club is also strong in markets like Argentina, Colombia and Peru.  Havana Club 7 Year is a super-premium rum that can also play to the values of Latin Americans.

     I think that this is a brand and an expression that will soon be here in America in the next few years and be very competitive in this market.  The iconic brand that has been envisioned as the "holy grail" of rums, mostly because of its unobtainable status will be on many rum drinker's list of most desired rums.  The strength in the Latin world and the strong Latin population here in America will help propel this brand when it finally arrives in the United States.  ;o)