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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Saint James Rum Will Celebrate 250 Years with a Commemorative Bottling of Saint James Cuvée 1765.

     St. James is celebrating their 250th Anniversary this year and has announced a very special launched the commemorative Saint James Cuvée 1765 bottling, in homage to the original 1765 style and recipe.   It is described as the “epitome” of the brand’s range. Saint James’ Rhum Agricole is still produced on the Caribbean Island, which has the only rum AOC – a decree for the “controlled destination of origin” – in the world.
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     St. James, which is one of the oldest in the world , will also host a series of festivities on its home island of Martinique, where it first began producing rum in 1765.   This, the brand claims, “ensures the quality” of the rum, which can only be produced from cane grown in the decree’s authorized areas.   Saint James says it was the first rum to create vintage-specific blends, and the first to design the square bottle, in order to “maximize storage and minimize breakage” on sea voyages to its primary export markets.   A statement from the brand read: “Saint James Rum is and has always been committed to quality, heritage, innovation and traditional expertise.
    One of the oldest rum makers in the world and still to this day producing high quality rums  250 years later.  This is a wonderful expression and a proper on to the occasion.   I hope that you get the opportunity to taste this fine example of the AOC rum process.  ;o)