Monday, February 29, 2016

Bailey Pryor on What Rum Really Is

Bailey Pryor
     Bailey Pryor, Founder and CEO of Real McCoy Rums has produced a video for Youtube that is a very informative lesson about the reality of rum.

Richard Seale
     During his research for the documentary, Bailey traveled to Barbados where he met Richard Seale. Together Richard and Bailey began to discuss the development of a classic Barbados Rum that  would adhere to the ‘no additives’ philosophy of rum production.   The rums would be blended from both pot and column distillates produced from black strap molasses. The distillates are then matured in heavily charred ex-bourbon American oak barrels.  The Rums have won a many awards from very well known events, all were well deserved.

    In this video  I think you will find it very interesting to listen to his philosophy and the basic trues about how rum is made and derived. 

Enjoy the Video The Truth about Rum at