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Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween: A Spooky Day

     Here we are at the spookiest day of the year.  It is a day for all of the little demons to run through the neighborhoods collecting treats so that the adults don't have a mess to clean up.  It is also a day for the adults to get dressed up and  share their own creativity as they party into the night long after the little demons and princesses have gone to bed.

     Dressing up in everything from zombies to fairy tale characters the adults head out into the night for their fun evening evil doings.   This is a long love tradition that so many cant resist reverting back to their childhood and dressing up and living out their fantasies just this one time each year.

     The parties are filled with unusual foods and cocktails that look like gory body parts to ghostly foods and "finger" food.  All in all it is a night of scary faces and even scarier food and drink.  The adult Halloween party can be a very interesting spectacle and they happen each year all over the world.  Watch out, there might me one happening at the house next door to you.