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Friday, March 17, 2017

The New Aging Experiments are Progressing Well

3 Liter Barrel
     My latest rum aging experiments are about 6 weeks along now and there has been some interesting things happening.  The two barrels are a 3 liter barrel, light toasted barrel with Chianti soaked barrel cubes and the Rhine wine soaked Cubes in an unchared 6 liter barrel, both have been filled with a high wine at about 80% ABV approximately 6 weeks ago.
Chianti Wine Expression

     The Chianti chip expression is taking on a definite red color and the Chianti flavors are coming through.  Remembering that this is a "virgin" barrel and really working on the rum quickly.  The Chianti is a strong fruity wine that is quite dry and is adding a very interesting flavor to the high wine.   This is going to be a very red rum that will have definite notes of the Chianti.

     I feel that because this is a small, virgin barrel, it will mature the

Rhine Wine Expression
rum much faster that the larger barrel that is seeing raw rum for the third time.   Both barrels are working in very advantageous environments of warm weather and aboard the boar so the liquid is in nearly constant motion  as the sea and other boats passing are rocking the barrels.   The warmth, small barrels and the agitation have the affect of speeding the aging process significantly.

6 Liter Barrel
     The larger barrel which was last used in the fall of last year, is responding slower than it did in the heat of the summer, but it is showing some good color and the flavors are starting to emerge as well.  The white Rhine wine soaked cubes offer more flavor than color,  The last batch was very rewarding as far as color and flavor go, but after ten weeks in the barrel began to be come a bit oakey at barrel proof, but when reduced to 45% ABV, the flavor and color were quite good.  This time, with the cooler weather and the third time the barrel has been use, I feel like it will take more time to reach the flavor and color that I am looking for.

    Follow with me and I'll keep you up to day as the maturation of this rum continues and how each of them are progressing.

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