Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Monday, October 23, 2017

Back to Distillation at Hemingway Rum Company

Rum Coming out of the Condenser
     After nearly six weeks since Irma struck Key West, the Hemingway Rum Company will be
distilling today.  Guests that would like to see the distillery in operation, today is the day.  There will be tours of the distillery, plus the tasting room and and gift shop will be open for your pleasure.

    The fermentation is ready and the equipment has been thoroughly checked over and ready to produce rum again.  We will be doing a stripping run tomorrow which distills the alcohol and the tails from the wash.  There will be two stripping stripping runs before the refining rum that bring the rum to the proper proof and cleanliness.

The Still
     If you have an interest in how distilling works and see the wash become rum, today is the day to come to the distillery.  Our tour guide will explain what is happening as the distillation progresses and the rum makes will be able to share what is happening as well.

     Looking forward to seeing many of you who are at the distillery tomorrow to experience the process first hand.