Sunday, July 21, 2019

Hemingway Rum Company Launches its First Limited Edition Expression, The Lost Casks

         During this past week Hemingway Rum Company has launched its first Key West Limited Edition Rum.  Lost Cask is one of those collector items, not only is it a wonderful rum, but being a first of its kind makes it a real rum collector's treasure.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Tomorrow is National Daiquiri Day

    Need to cool off from the blistering heat we have had here in the past few weeks? Why not celebrate National Daiquiri Day, July 17, 2019  with meA great daiquiri is a cocktail you will not forget.

Jennings Cox
     In 1898, after the victory of Roosevelt at the Battle of San Juan, the Americans began to exploit the iron mines and this engineer led one of the first explorations. Cox and his team worked in the Sierra Maestra hills to the outside of Santiago de Cuba where the small town of Daiquiri is located and was the one who invented the famous drink during their stay there.   The engineers received substantial salaries and generous rations of tobacco as an incentive after leaving their jobs in the United States to go to Cuba and face the threat of yellow fever that was there at that time. Jennings also asked that his workers receive a monthly ration of local rum, Bacardi Carta Blanca, that local workers used to mix with coffee every night after the workday. This is how he began to experiment until he created what we now know as Daiquiri.

     The gossips tell that the history of this drink can be attributed to another engineer, Pagliuchi , who was a mine observer and who met more than once with Cox. During their meetings, they talked about creating a drink with the ingredients that Cox had at hand: rum, lime and sugar. Cox's granddaughter tells a slightly different story; she said that his grandfather was running out of gin when he had to entertain the Americans. When that happened, I changed it for rum that never served directly but mixed it with lime and sugar to mask its flavor. Whichever way Cox managed to create the drink, the result was sublime.

     In Havana, a bar just off of the square in Old Town Havana was El Floridita.  This is a bar that was owned by Constantiono Ribalaigua Vert.  He has been credited with the invention of the “frozen Daiquiri”  To this day it is the best please in the world to go have one of these very refreshing cocktails.  A pleasure that I have enjoyed many times.

     He did his best writing in the morning, standing in front of his typewriter, plucking the keys as fast as the words might come to him. This was fortunate, because by 11 a.m., the Havana heat began to creep into his rented room at the Hotel Ambros Mundos.   He couldn't think in the swelter, much less write.   If the trade winds were good, Hemingway might make his way to Havana Harbor, where his boat, Pilar, was docked in the 1930s. But on other days, he would take the ornate caged elevator down from Room 511 to the lobby and make his way out to the sun-speckled street. It was just a 10-minute stroll through Old Havana from Hotel Ambos Mundos to El Floridita, his favorite bar.  Between the heat and the morning spent cooped in his small room, Hemingway was always parched by the time he arrived at El Floridita.

     According to Hilary Hemingway, Ernest’s niece, Ernest Hemingway's niece, explains: "In the early 1930s, Hemingway went into the Floridita to use the restroom one day. People in the bar were bragging about the daiquiris that were being served there. So he ordered one and took a sip. Ernest asked for another one, this time with 'no sugar and more rum.' And that's how the Papa Doble, or the Hemingway Daiquiri, was born."  Ribalaigua coined the drink after Hemingway and the rest is literary-meets-libation history. The Papa was for Hemingway, known for his graying beard and fatherly self-assurance. The doble — well, that meant two. Two times more liquor to pack the most punch.  Hemingway proudly boasted to have downed 17 of Constante's daiquiris over the course of one afternoon in 1942.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Havana Club CEO Says Rum Needs a Clear Set of Rules

     The CEO of Pernod Ricard-owned Havana Club has called for “basic quality rules” in rum to create a “more harmonious” industry.  Christian Barré believes rums of different origins should adhere to specific rules and regulations    Christian Barré, who was appointed Havana Club CEO in 2017, expressed his support for new European Union regulations that limit the amount of sugar that can be added to rum.  In addition to “special legislation”, such as those of the  European Union, each rum-making region should “make sure it has a clear set of rules”, he said.

     “It would help the category in the future if there were some clearer rules and regulations, like in whisky and Cognac. We need to innovate but in well-defined framework to guarantee consumers that when you innovate with super-aged rums you still deliver quality.”  Increasing discussions around transparency in rum are leading to the creation of a “more harmonious” sector, which is in its “early stages”, the Barré added.

     “In the rum market, we should push to make sure transparency for consumers is key. At the end of the day, consumers are not fools; they can understand the difference between a good quality product and one that is commercial. We need basic quality rules.”  Barré confirmed that “flavors are of interest” to Havana Club when it comes to innovation, and that “it’s going to be an interesting year” for new releases from the brand.   Earlier this year, the rum released its 2019 Tributo bottling a blend that includes rum aged in Cognac casks, while October saw the launch of Havana Club Professional Edition series.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Havana's El Floridita

 With all of the new rules that have stopped the visits to Cuba, it is fun to think back on my memories of the many wonderful places that I have visited in the historically beautiful island of Cuba.  The El Floridita with the statue of Ernest Hemingway in the background, is just one of these places that I have gotten to visit over the years.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Top 10 Selling Rum Brands

     Rum has had its ups and downs in the past year.  Some of the top ten selling rums have declined and some have grown very impressively.  Rum is going through a strong premiumization, bringing new sales to the category, but the cocktail it is making new ground as well.
1.       Tanduay:  It has retained its position on top of the pile with a 3.1% growth, passing the 20,000,000 case sales mark.
2.      Bacardi:  Has had a 2% growth with a 17,100,000 case sales
3.      Captain Morgan: 11,700,000 case sales up 0.2%
4.      McDowell’s No.1 Rum: 11,700,000 cases with a drop of 8.7%
5.      Havana Club: 4, 600,000 cases  with a 3.8% gain
6.      Barceló: 2,200,000 cases with a 0% net again
7.      Božkov:  1,700,000 cases an impressive 49.3% growth
8.      Ron Medellin:  1,600,000 cases and a 1.1% loss for the year
9.      Contessa Rum:  1,600,000 cases sold and a 11.5% loss for the year
10.  Appleton Estate:  1,100,000 cases sold and a loss of 9.8% loss for the year

     All in all, worldwide, rum has done fairly well n the past year.  The top rums have had a growth and a new entry to the top ten.   The premiumization of the category has dropped the total sales a bit, but the perceived value is helping rum’s image, which will be felt as the years move ahead.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tomorrow is National Pina Colada Day

     Monchito Marrero is no longer with us, but he is still a celebrity in his own right and his legacy lives on in the form of his flavorful handiwork. Internationally, it is estimated that more than 200 million Piña Coladas have been served since 1954 when Monchito officially mixed the first one in what was then the Caribe Hilton's Beachcombers Bar.

     You can enjoy the same drink Monchito created and personally served to Caribe Hilton guests, including such luminaries such as Gloria Swanson, Elizabeth Taylor, and John Wayne. The original Piña Colada recipe is:
  • 2 ounces light rum
  • 1 ounce coconut cream
  • 1 ounce heavy cream
  • 6 ounces fresh pineapple juice
  • 1/2 cup crushed ice
  • Pineapple wedge & maraschino cherry for garnish

Pour rum, coconut cream, cream, and pineapple juice in blender. Add ice. Blend for 15 seconds. Pour into a 12-ounce glass. Add garnishes.

      Recently, we shared what we believed to be the original pina colada recipe, a 1963 concoction hailing from the famous Barrachina watering hole in Old San Juan.  But in the weeks that followed that post, a new contender arose proclaiming that they, in fact, were behind the creation of the world's most popular tropical drink. 

     It really doesn't matter today who actually first created it some 64 years later, but just how good it really is and tomorrow is the day we celebrate this wonderful cocktail.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Coastal Grenada

     About 6 years ago, I ha the opportunity to explore the island of Grenada.  This is one of the most beautiful islands that I have ever had the opportunity of visiting.  It has so much beauty from the mountains and forests to her seashores, this little waterfront is just one example of how beautiful it really is.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Enjoy Your July 4th Celebrations Today

    Today is a day that we Americans celebrate the 243rd anniversary of the birth our wonderful country.  Today is possibly the most important holiday for the people of United States.   A federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, by the Continental Congress declaring that the Thirteen American Colonies regarding themselves as a new and independent  nation.

They knew full well that the might of the British armed forces brought full force to our shores attacking what would appear to be defenseless colonies.   Until the thirteen colonies decided to unite against the British Crown,  They still were lacking numbers, arms and training to stand against the British, much less defeat them militarily.  Yet they put their signatures, and their lives, their families, their destiny, on the document declaring their independence.   They decided against all odds, and even against good reason, to tell the world that “the United Colonies are, by right should be free from the reign of the British Crown.

     Today we look back at what they accomplished and then head out for a picnic, bar-b-que and then an evening of spectacular fireworks.  No matter how you celebrate your Fourth of July Holiday, do it safely and responsibly, we want to have you back with us next year.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Calls for Cancer Warnings on Alcohol Labels

     A number of health organizations in the US have penned a joint letter to the government department that regulates alcohol urging new labelling laws to necessitate cancer warnings.   Cancer warnings should be included on the labels of all alcoholic drinks brands, a coalition of health groups has said

     The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is seeking to amend the regulations governing the labelling and advertising of wine, spirits and malt beverages to “simplify and clarify” regulatory standards.   As part of the consultation period prior to the laws being amended, stakeholders and organizations can submit their comments to the TTB.

     The latest letter states: “The available scientific information shows that consuming ‘even one drink per day’ of alcohol increases cancer risk. A ‘modernized’ label for alcoholic beverages should therefore carry a warning that reflects this scientific understanding.”   The Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act (ABLA) of 1988 requires that a specific health warning should appear on the labels of all alcoholic drinks containers produced, imported or bottled for sale in the US.   In addition to the warnings about drinking while pregnant or while driving, the groups recommend the following statement is included on labels: “GOVERNMENT WARNING: According to the Surgeon General, consumption of alcoholic beverages can cause cancer, including breast and colon cancers.”

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Seven Mile Grand Cayman Sunset

     Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman offers some pretty spectacular sunsets.  Sitting at the bar looking out to the west always seems t provide a wonderful view of the sunset.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

William Grant Feels That They Paid a ‘Fair Purchase’ of Sailor Jerry

     Scottish drinks group William Grant & Sons has stressed that its purchase of Sailor Jerry rum was “made in good faith” as it faces a lawsuit from the family of the tattooist who inspired the brand.  The spiced rum pays homage to Norman Keith ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, a former naval officer who later became a well-known tattoo artist with a unique and distinctive style. Collins, who died in 1973, ran a tattoo shop in Honolulu, Hawaii, for several years.
     His widow, Louise Collins, is now suing William Grant & Sons, which bought the Sailor Jerry brand in 2008, for “unauthorised use and misappropriation of Sailor Jerry’s name and persona”.  According to Louise Collins, William Grant & Sons “never sought or received permission” from her to use Sailor Jerry’s likeness.  “I am appalled to see what these folks have done with Jerry’s name and legacy,” she said. “This was my husband, the father of my children, and no one ever even asked our family for permission to use him in this way.”
     Legal representatives of Louise Collins have called the use of Sailor Jerry’s likeness “illegal” and are seeking to “secure a better financial future for his family”.   However, Glenfiddich maker William Grant & Sons said the brand was “developed and protected by multiple owners” before its acquisition, and that the group “undertook due diligence, tracing back a number of decades, to ensure the purchase was fair and lawful”.
     A spokesperson for the company said: “While we are not able to comment on any pending litigation, William Grant & Sons has and always will hold Norman Collins’ legacy in the highest regard. We have enormous respect for the family of Norman Collins and have no desire to cause upset.”  Representatives of William Grant & Sons will meet with Louise Collins and her immediate family in Hawaii later this week to discuss the matter and “fully understand their concerns and needs”.
     “The aim of this meeting is to establish a joint approach to ensure that Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins’ legacy is protected and celebrated,” a statement from William Grant continued.  Louise Collins and her family are being represented by Honolulu law firm Davis Levin Livingston.  

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Oloroso Sherry Cask Finished Cayman Spirits Rum Launched

Oloroso Sherry Casks at Cayman Spirits
     My friends Walker Romantica and Nelson Delbert of Cayman Spirits located on Grand Cayman Island have just released Cayman Spirits Special Release, Oloroso Cask Finish. a Rare Rum aged in Bourbon Barrels for 2 years & Sherry Cask finished for an additional 2 years.

     I had the privilege a couple of years ago to try their original expression that was still under development at the time.  It was wonderful, I can hardly wait to try this finished expression when I visit in November.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

A Heron in the Mangroves

     Taking a trip out into the the mangrove islands to the north of us  is always a thrill.  The herons and i=the egrets will always provide you with some interesting views.  Today a white heron is hiding in the mangroves here in Mud Key providing a wonderful view.  It is watching us as we watch it, making for a great experience for both.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Story of Josie Russell and Sloppy Joe's Bar Key West

Sloppy Joe's Duval and Greene Streets   Key West

     A long time in Key West there was a bar owned and operated by a man named Josie Russell.   Joe Russell was a charter boat captain, a rumrunner, Ernest Hemingway’s boat pilot, and fishing companion for some twelve years.  Prohibition was looked on as an amusing exercise dreamed up by the government and Josie Russell was just one of several individuals who operated illegal speakeasies. Key West residents including Papa Hemingway, would stop by his home occasionally  to buy illicit bottles of liquor.
Josie Russell and Papa
The official beginning of Sloppy Joe’s Bar, the famous and infamous Key West saloon, was December 5, 1933–the day Prohibition was repealed. The bar would to go through two name changes and a sudden change of location before it would become Sloppy Joe’s,    When Prohibition ended, Josie Russell became a legitimate saloon-keeper-proprietor of the “Blind Pig”, a droll rundown building that Russell leased for three dollars a week.   The rowdy, come-as-you-are saloon was remodeled and renamed the Silver Slipper, with the addition of a dance floor.   It didn’t matter–it remained a the same  shabby uncomfortable place where good friends, gambling, fifteen-cent whiskey, and ten-cent shots of gin could be enjoyed.  It was Hemingway, a favorite patron of Russell’s bar from the start, who encouraged its name change to Sloppy Joe’s. The new name was adopted from Jose Garcia Rio Havana club of the same name.   Because the floor was always wet with melted ice, his patrons taunted this Spanish Joe with running a sloppy place… and the name stuck.
Sloppy Joe's Havana, Cuba
     Sloppy Joe’s literally marched across the street to its present location on May 5, 1937. The move was the result of a rent increase from three dollars a week to a whopping four dollars per week, a 25% increase that Josie Russell refused to pay.  Joe Russell paid $2,500 for the former Victoria Restaurant owned by Juan Farto at the time.  Built in 1917 Located at the corner of Duval and Greene streets, the Victoria had Cuban tile work, busily whirring ceiling fans, and jalousie doors.
     In true Key West fashion, the bar never actually closed during the transition–customers simply picked up their drinks and carried them, along with every piece of furniture in the place, down the block to 201 Duval Street. Service resumed with barely a blink. The new Sloppy Joe’s boasted the longest bar in town. Behind the bar, in the back room, were gambling and pool tables. Inside the bar hung life-size paintings of fighters on the walls, and adorning one wall was a 119-pound sailfish caught by Hemingway. Skinner had a place of pride above his new long curved bar. The bat Skinner used to control his patrons still hangs on the wall today.
     This bar still flourishes today at the same location.  Captain Tony’s Saloon occupies the original location on Green Street today.   Born on December 9, 1889, Josie Russell died of a heart attack at the age of 51 on June 20, 1941.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Barrilito the History of a Little Barrel

     Don Pedro Fernandez would carry it around in a small wooden barrel, rum in arm, giving tastes to his friends and those who wished to try it.  A third-generation sugarcane grower in Puerto Rico, He studied the art of brandy and cognac distillation in France.  Upon his return to Puerto Rico in 1871 he wished to impart in rum the finesse of the French spirits, and in a few years Puerto Rico’s first rum was born on an island covered in sugarcane plantations.
     “Ron del Barrilito,” or the “Rum of the Little Barrel,” was produced in the pot still that he brought back with him .  Ron del Barrilito “three star” quickly became very popular, during Prohibition, Puerto Rico, being part of the United States, was soon a rum-free zone.   The company switched its operations to the production of alcohol for cosmetics and other purposes for the duration.   When Prohibition was repealed, the family quickly returned to return to rum.
     The rum making tradition lived on, and Barrilito’s true art of barrel aging, became the focus of the company, using bulk rum blended with a hints of their  secret blend of macerated fruits and spices combined with onsite aging methods that date back to Don Pedro’s brandy days.
      Barrilito remains the island’s oldest, most beloved rum, the one that gets you an approving glance from the barman when you ask for it.   It’s the pride of Puerto Rican rum making. Balanced by the sherry aging adding just a whisper of sweetness to the rum.  This is a story that is still to this day being written and I’m sure will be carried on for years to come.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Paul Castronovo Show Live From the Hemingway Rum Distillery Live

     Friday was a very special day at the Hemingway Rum Company.  The Paul Castronovo Show
came to the distillery to have a really fun time from 6:00 am until 10 am.   Paul's morning drive time show is very popular in the Miami area and a great time for us at the distillery.  We had a great crowd that showed up in the early morning hours for the show and some wonderful publicity for the company.

     Just like last year it was a great experience to be a part of Paul's show.  I just want to say thank you to all at I Heart Radio and the Paul Castronovo show for coming down to Key West and broadcasting from our distillery.  I totally enjoyed the entire experience.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bacardi Launches a New Flavored Rum With Coconut Rum

     The new expression follows the release of Bacardi Spiced earlier this year, and Bacardi Ginger in   Bacardi Coco, Spanish for coconut, combines rich coconut flavor with pure Bacardi Rum. To obtain this one-of-a-kind coconut taste, the coconut is steeped to release the flavor. The spirit is then filtered. The result is a clean, dry spirit with a rich coconut aroma and authentic taste, reminiscent of coconut right off the tree.
2018.   According to the brand, “global demand for flavored rums continues to rise”.

     “Sales in the rum category are at an all-time high and this has been largely led by the flavored rum segment,” said Tine Van Nevel, brand director – Europe, Bacardi rum.  “The response to our previous flavored rums has been overwhelmingly positive and we are certain that Bacardi Coconut will be a welcome addition to the ever-growing Carta portfolio.”   The brand recently expanded its flavored offering in the US with the launch of Bacardi Lime.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A Twist on the Clasic Seabreeze Cocktail

     Sitting on Cape Cod the last few days reminded me of a cocktail that I use to get quiet a few requests for when I was behind the bar at the Rum Bar.  The Seabreeze is a classic vodka cocktail that I really lik when it is made with a really good white rum.  It is a combination of New England with the cranberry juice and the tropics with the pineapple juice.  Give this on a try, I think that you will really enjoy it.

Bahama Bob’s Rum Seabreeze
1 ½ oz.  Yolo White Rum
2 ½  oz. Cranberry juice
2 ½  oz. Pineapple juice

Place all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice and shake until chilled.  Strain into a highball glass filled with fresh ice and garnish with a lime wheel.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Quick Trip to the Farm in Raynham Massachusetts

     This is one of the earliest dates that I have been to the farm in Massachusetts in many years.  It gave me a chance to see some of the more beautiful portions of the farm while everything was "spring fresh".   Rhododendrons were in bloom, the lush green plant life around the pond was also quite beautiful.

      It was also a time to spend with my mother who is 98 years old.  It was a great time that I'm so glad that I was able to enjoy,

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Grenada Prime Minister Impressed as the Renegade Rum Distillery Project Nears Completion

     Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honorable Keith Mitchell has described the Renegade Rum Distillery project in St. Andrew’s as transformational.  Touring the project site on Thursday and learning of its various dimensions the various aspects of it, Dr. Mitchell said it is revolutionary in every sense. Speaking after the hour-long tour, he said, “Coming here today and seeing this expansive activity taking place, and the vast potential of the end-product in promoting Grenada, I must say I am truly impressed.
     This project has evolved into something way beyond my expectation.  It is revolutionary in every sense of the word.” Grenada’s latest rum distillery is the brainchild of project developer, Mark Reynier who is the CEO of Renegade Rum.  The project which will produce premium rum from locally-grown sugarcane, is considered a game-changer in the industry.

     The Prime Minister lauded the project for its significant impact on the agriculture industry and the rural economy. “This project is having a real impact on the revitalization of the agriculture industry.  I am amazed to learn that 150 acres of land are currently under sugarcane production.  This by itself, has significant potential to transform the rural economy. In addition, there is a growing level of ancillary activity taking place in the community and there is scope for much more.”   Once the distillery is operational, it is anticipated that about three acres of sugarcane will be harvested daily to facilitate production. 

     Dr. Mitchell said, “The extensive capacity of this distillery will facilitate a level of rum production that will impact significantly on our export earnings and economic activity in general. This project is having an enormous impact on the country as it is also contributing to diversification of the local economy.
     I must commend the project developer and his team for conceptualizing this initiative and bringing it to fruition. In facilitating Thursday’s tour, Graham Williams said most of the equipment for the project is already on island and within the next few weeks, they will be installed, bringing the project closer to completion.

     Twenty-five Grenadians have already been employed by the distillery and 60 others are currently employed in the construction phase of the project.  The Prime Minister was accompanied by Parliamentary Representative for the area and Minister with responsibility for Youth Development, Hon. Kate Lewis.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Alcohol Consumption Showed a Global Drop of 1.6% in 2018

     Drinkers across the globe consumed a total of 27.6 billion nine-liter cases of alcohol last year – a decline of 1.6%, according to International Wine and Spirit Record Drinks Market Analysis.   The new data forecasts that total alcohol consumption will gradually increase over the next five years to 28.5 billion in 2023.   Looking at retail value, the global market for alcohol last year was just over US$1 trillion. The IWSR expects this number to increase by 7% by 2023 as “consumers continue to trade up to higher-quality products”.
     Of all the alcoholic drinks categories, gin posting the largest volume gain of 8.3% in 2018. Pink gin helped to boost the category’s growth, selling more than 72 million cases globally. By 2023, gin is forecast to hit 88.4 million cases globally with “strong growth” in the UK, Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, Uganda, Germany, Australia, Italy, Canada and France.  In the UK, gin grew by 32.5% last year. The world’s largest gin market, the Philippines, posted growth of 8% boosted by a “booming cocktail scene and premiumization”.  Brazil was a “new hotspot” for gin, with volumes more than doubling. The market is expected to increase by 28.5% CAGR 2018-2023 as the trend for gin and tonics increases in high-end bars in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
     The global whisky category grew by 7% last year driven by “innovation in whisky cocktail and highballs” and largely bolstered by a “strong” Indian economy. In India, whisky grew 10.7% as consumers traded up.  The US and Japan posted 5% and 8% growth respectively. The IWSR forecasts whisky to grow by 5.7% CAGR 2018-2023, to almost 581 million cases.
     “Continued interest” in Tequila and mezcal (particularly in the US), and “innovation in more premium variants and cocktails” pushed the agave-based spirits category to 5.5% growth in 2018 globally. The category is forecast to increase by 4% CAGR over the next five years.        Vodka saw its volumes drop by 2.8% in 2018 as the lower-priced segment continued its decline in Russia and Ukraine – the largest markets for the category.  Over the next five years, vodka will “remain sluggish” and is expected to fall by 1.7% CAGR 2018-2023.
     The liqueurs sector also reported a decline last year, falling by 1.5%. It is expected to continue to drop this year before witnessing a slight rebound in 2020.  
     The mixed drinks category – including pre-mixed cocktails, long drinks, and flavored alcoholic beverages – grew 5% globally in 2018. By 2023, it is anticipated that more than 597 million cases of mixed drinks will be consumed across the world.   The growth is backed by continued strong gains in ready-to-drink (RTD) cans in the US and Japan, the category’s two largest markets. In the US, the popularity of alcohol seltzers has boosted growth in the RTD market.  Mixed drinks and cider “are taking share from beer as perceived accessibility increases”. In the cider category, almost 270 million cases are expected by 2023, a 2% CAGR 2018-2023.
    While the spirits category posted growth, beer declined 2.2% last year, and wine fell by 1.6% in volume.    “Every year our analysts spend months traveling the world to speak with suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, and other beverage alcohol professionals to assess what is happening market by market in this fast-changing business,” said IWSR CEO Mark Meek.   “The raw data we collect is enormously valuable, but equally important is what that data tells us in terms of trends, challenges, and opportunities facing the industry.”

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Bahia Honda Sunset

     Since Irma, there have not been any chances for spending the night upon the boat at Bahia Honda.  I really miss the kayak ride out between the bridges.  A reat time to anchor and enjoy an evening cocktail and fantastic sunsets.   Hopefully Marta and my schedules will allow us to spend more nights at the park marina and kayak out there again.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Bahama Bob's Vacation Breakfast Cocktail

     Summer Vacation Time is here and this is a great way to wake up from an evening out on the town.  Sit out there on the piazza the next morning and enjoy a Bahama Bob's Breakfast Old Fashion.   This is sure to make your day better from the start.

Bahama Bob’s Breakfast Old Fashion

  • 2 oz. Dooly’s XO
  • 1/2 oz Maple Syrup
  • 4 dashes Whiskey Barrel Bitters
  • Circular Orange Swath 

Fill a shaker tin with liquid ingredients. Fill with ice and then shake vigorously. Strain into a coupe glass with a few Fresh Ice Cubes. Squeeze and drop a circular orange swath into the middle of the glass.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Sailor Jerry Adds Savage Apple Marking First Ever New Expression

     William Grant & Sons-owned spiced rum brand Sailor Jerry has launched its first line extension, called Savage Apple.   Sailor Jerry Savage Apple depicts artwork from Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins.   Bottled at 80 proof, Sailor Jerry Savage Apple marks the first line extension from the brand since it launched 19 years ago. The apple-flavored spiced rum has notes of vanilla, cinnamon and apple. 
     “Savage Apple is an amazing addition to the Sailor Jerry story,” said Anthony Bohlinger, Sailor Jerry brand ambassador.   “This is the first new product we’ve ever released, and it is a fantastic liquid; one we know our fans will enjoy for its quality and bold nature.   The bottle design pays tribute to Navy veteran Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins and features a drawing of a tiger from his original artwork. Collins was known for inking soldiers and sailors during World War Two. 

“This summer, Savage Apple is ready to hit bars, beaches, backyard barbecues and more.”   Sailor Jerry Savage Apple has an RRP of US$15.99 and will launch initially in New York and Florida, before rolling out across the US this autumn. 

Monday, May 27, 2019

Happy Memorial Day

     Happy Memorial Day to everyone, today is a day that we set aside to remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice that we can live our lives in freedom.  It is a day to say thanks to all of those that have served in the military as well.

     Take a few minutes today to give thanks to all of those people.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Bacardi Building in Havana, Cuba

     The Bacardi Building is one of the most notable buildings in Havana.  This building is just awesome inside and out.  The Art Deco Bacardi Building first opened in 1930 as the headquarters for the Bacardi Rum Company, then confiscated in 1960 by the Castro regime.  In 2003 the Office of History began a restoration of the building that has brought it back to its 1930 splendor.  It is a must see if you are a visitor to Havana.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Tennessee Williams meets Ernest Hemingway for Lunch at the Floridita in Cuba 1959

Ernest Hemingway Bust in El Floridita

     This is excerpts of a very interesting article by Steve Newman about the lunch meeting  bringing Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemingway, Kenneth Tynan and George Plimpton together.  This proved to be an interesting meeting that seemed to be a great experience for all that were there.
     In April 1959, Tynan was travelling to Cuba to interview Fidel Castro, who’d recently chased Batista off the island, and called in to see Tennessee Williams — who was living in Key West at the time — suggesting the playwright might like to come along.
     “I’ve arranged to have lunch with Hemingway at the Floridita tomorrow, “said Tynan, “why not join us?  “Hemingway? You are joking, right? I’ve heard he kicks people like me in the crotch.”  “Nonsense. But if he does I’ll kick him back.”   In the end curiosity got the better of Williams, and the two writers headed off to Cuba.

Tennessee Wiliams
Thomas Lanier “Tennessee” Williams, III was born in Columbus, Mississippi, on March 26, 1911. His first great theatrical hit, The Glass Menagerie, was staged in 1944. From that moment on he never looked back as a playwright. By the time of the lunch with Hemingway, Sweet Bird of Youth had been doing good business on Broadway for a month, and he was now considered, along with Miller and O’Neill, to be one of America’s greatest playwrights.

Kenneth Tynan
     Tynan was a rising star.   Hemingway was on his last legs with only one more book left in him, and suicide just around the corner.   But Williams, who admired Hemingway’s work, still feared the tall and big chested novelist who greeted him and Tynan with handshakes and hugs, as they walked into the famous Floridita bar and restaurant.  Hemingway ordered Papa Doble, The cocktail created just for him by the El Floridita owner, Constantino Ribalaigua Vert, for everyone in the party.  They signed a few autographs and then had to listen to a trio of singers that saluted Hemingway. Hemingway laughed and hugged the singers, tipping them well, before explaining, to Williams and Tynan, that the bronze bust of himself on the bar in the corner was always covered up for Lent.   Hemingway then ordered lunch, lobster with a salad, and white wine.

George Plimpton
     The group were then joined by another journalist, and sometime friend of Hemingway’s, George Plimpton, who spotted that Tennessee looked slightly terrified, and as Plimpton put it “…Tennessee Williams’ tendencies were noticable and I only saw the great respect Hemingway had for him.”   Williams then told Hemingway he’d met the bullfighter Ordóñez in Spain, describing him as “a lovely boy, very friendly, very accessible.” Hemingway said nothing.” Williams then said, I was introduced to Pauline back in Key West. I was very sorry to hear of her death.   “She died like everybody else,” said Ernest, “and after that she was dead.”  There was something of a pause.

     The conversation moved on to the air crashes Hemingway and Mary had suffered in Africa, with Hemingway giving detailed descriptions, and how close they came to death, with Hemingway adding “You can survive on one kidney, but if your liver gives out, you’re through.”  He then made his goodbyes and said what a pleasure it had been to meet you Tennessee, and can I say how much I enjoy your work, although I’ve never seen any of your plays I do enjoy reading them.