Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm in Panama, Rumstylin with the Abuelo Represenatives

     Today has been spent traveling to Panama from Key West.     I had an uneventful drive to Miami, boarded the flight and arrived safe and sound.     This is going to be one of those adventures that keeps getting better and better.       We are staying at the Decapolis Hotel here in Panama City, Panama tonight.     The Helicopter will pick the group up at 9:00 am tomorrow morning and fly us to the distillery in Pese.    

     Tonight we will be dinner guests of Ricardo March, Vice President for Sales and Marketing and learn of a new rum, a solera if you will that Abuelo will soon be marketing.     I'll keep everyone informed of what we are doing here on a daily or maybe even twice daily if time permits.     ;o)

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