Friday, March 29, 2013

Finally Friday

    This week has finally reached Friday.   Time to put everything aside and have a little bit of fun.  For a lot of you out there it is the end of the work week and time to play.   As I scanned the Facebooks posts most everyone is asking if "it's Friday yet".   This must have been quite a tough week for a lot of people.   But at last here it is "Good Friday".   But it really is Good Friday, leading us into an Easter Weekend. 

    Easter weekend is usually an extended one, generally a family weekend with Easter Bunnies and Easter Egg Hunts for  the little kids and a Huge dinner on Sunday with special hats and bonnets for the rest of us.

    Although this is a very special weekend for the followers of the Christian religion, most of us will just enjoy t
he extra day off in our own special way.   No matter how you celebrate the weekend, enjoy yourselves in your own way.    I just want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.  ;o)