Friday, April 19, 2013

Facundo Rums Brought to Light

The Facundo Rums
     The new line of rums from the house of Bacardi has finally been introduced.    These are all super premium rums that are an updating of the Bacardi family's favorite rums.      Over the past two years, every time we visited the Bacardi Building for the annual Bacardi Party the RumXP's were invited to the private tasting room to evaluate some new rum expressions.   Unbeknown to us these were the beginnings and part of the development of the new Facundo Rums.

    For all of us that were involved in the process, it is a real honor to be told by Facundo Bacardi that we are all "Fathers of the new line of rum".   The Facundo Rum line offers  four expressions, EO, Eximo, Exquisito, and the Flagship of the group Paraiso XA (Extra Anejo) Rum.   EO "Extra Ordinary" is an aged white rum that is far from ordinary.  Eximo, Exquisito and Paraiso are all dark rums that boast fine lineage and flavor.

      I will do a full evaluation of the line in later blogs when I have the time to sit with each one to be able to tell you all about them.   It would be unfair to these rums to try and do a true evaluation at this time.  I will tell you these are all extremely fine rums and a line that will be available sometime in August.   They will range in price from $30 for the EO to $250 for the Paraiso.   They will be available in many of the better establishments that sell our favorite cane spirits.   I will have them at the Rum Bar in Key West when they do come out for all of us to enjoy.

Facundo Bacardi and Bahama Bob Leonard

     I want to offer a heart felt thanks to Facundo Bacardi, Chairman of the Board of Bacardi Limited for the opportunity to be a part of the development and the introduction of Facundo Rum.  .   This is one experience that I will never forget and will always be proud to have been a part of the team that made all of this happen.   I would also like to say thank you to the Bacardi Team for allowing us to be a part of a wonderful introduction ceremony for a fabulous line of rums.  ;o)

2013 Miami Rum Renaissance: Day 4

Debonaire Line of Rums
     Here we go again, today's Rum Breakfast, is with Deboniare Rums.  Debonaire is another creation of Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez.     This is an interesting  line of rums that are of high quality and fabulous flavor.   The start with a 5 year white, a 15 year aged, a 21 year premium, and a pair of flavored rums that can't be beat.  There is a Honey and a Coffee rums that actually use  Honey and Coffee respectively for the flavors tat are macerated into a 15 year old rum.  There are no chemicals or artificial flavors in these rums.   This is a full line of rums that is very impressive and should do very well in the market place.  The rums are already available in some parts of the country and within the next six months will be available in most major U.S. markets.

Phil Prichard of Prichard's Distillery

     Lunch was Phil Prichard and Prichard's Distillery as the host.  Phil talked to us about the problem of Rum Standards of Identity, and how it might be a part of the problem of a slower than expected growth of the category.   This was a very interesting presentation and one that has some legitimacy.   I will follow this subject in a future blog at some other time.

     The final two sessions of the judging were completed today
and the winners will be revealed Friday evening at the RumXP Competition Awards Presentation.   The winners of this years competition will be interesting with so many very fine rums presented for evaluation.

    The evening events kicked off with the annual party at the Bacardi Headquarters in Coral Gables.  The
people from Bacardi made us feel at home in their beautiful building and offered us a wonderful evening as usual.   An evening of fine food, rum and easy listening music made for a great experience. 

    Next it was off to The Regent for a party with Casa Brava, another Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez creation.   The Cuban atmosphere was perfect for a fine rum that has such a flavor of Havana and the classic Cuban Rums.   ;o)