Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Walled City of Old San Juan

     One of the most beautiful historic cities that we visited on our recent Caribbean excursion was the Walled City of San Juan.    It's historic buildings and two forts that protected it makes this a city that has your head spinning with every step.      Walking the narrow streets and seeing the unique shops, restaurants, and bars took the better part of two days.      You cannot begin to see all of the sites even in a short visit.    It was fun sharing what we had found with our friends that went out independently in a different direction.  

San Cristobal
     The two forts that protected the city from all sides are amazing works that are perched on the cliffs always watchful to the sea.     El Morro and San Cristobal combined with the walls around the city made this an unpenatratable fortress from the late 1500's.   

El Morro

     The real beauty of the city is what is within the walls, great shops and great restaurants are all a part of this old historic district.      I spent two days riding around the town on the free trolley, just amazed by all the beautiful and interesting places that were there.     Lunch on a little patio cafe or sitting on the veranda of a bar sipping a great rum, just walk around and you will find something of interest every where you turn.     Don't just spend an hour or so here, plan to have at least 2 days and nights to really get the feel for this great historic place.     ;o)