Friday, May 25, 2012

Botran Reserva in the Rum Bar on Saturday

     Saturday May 26th, from 1 til 5, we will be featuring Botran Reserva at the Rum Bar in Key West.   It will be presented in five special Rum Lab created cocktails for only $5.00 each.   These are usually $8 to $9 cocktails at this special price to introduce you to this very smooth and delightful cane spirit.     

     Botran Reserva is a wonderfully full flavored deep copper colored rum from Industria Licoreras de Guatemala.     It features rich aromas of oak, vanilla, fruity, and mild spice flavors followed by a caramelly oak flavor with hints of sherry.  This is a fairly complex tasting rum has a smoothness with a naturally sweet and smokey finish.

     Botran Reserva is aged in the mountains of Guatemala for 5 to 14 years then further finished through the solera system of aging that features a variety of barrels like American Whiskey, recharred American Oak, and sherry casks all adding to the complexity of the finished product.

    The important thing is for you make it to the tasting of Botran Reserva and experience this masterfully blended rum yourself.   The Rum Bar on Duval Street is the location, and I'll be your host and serving the cocktails.  Hope to see you there.   ;o)