Thursday, September 25, 2014

This Bartender's Pet Peeves

     Like so many other bartenders around the world, I to have some pet peeves while I'm working.  Of course you know about all of the funny things that have been posted on You Tube, but some of the more basic things that many don't even notice are the ones that bring many bartenders to the brink.

     I wonder sometimes if I came into some of the people's offices and acted like they do in mine how long I would be allowed to stay before being thrown out.  Things like insisting to be served before the other people that have been patiently waiting ahead of them.   In my work place we make all of our cocktails from scratch, and they take some time to complete.  I make an effort to give each cocktail the time it takes in order to be able to present the customer a fine tasting product. 

     On the same vein, I find it to be aggravating to have a crowd of waiting customers and then when it is their turn they haven't even thought about what hey want.  When the bar is full of thirsty patrons waiting for their turn to order and they have to wait for an indecisive person that would rather be texting instead of thinking about what they want.

    I really enjoy the customers as a rule, but when I am "in the weeds" sometimes it is hard to be the cheery guy behind the bar and stay focused on the job of making the best cocktails possible with people trying to shout their orders or want to talk to me when I have 10 orders on the rail being constructed.  Mistakes take time and any distractions from what I am doing will result in a longer time lapse before other customers will get their cocktails.  

     I guess that my pet peeves really relate the people with a strong "me" personality.  I have many fabulous customers that all deserve and get the same quality service, impatience just slows the entire process and makes everyone in the bar uneasy.