Saturday, December 17, 2011

Waiting for Season

     This is the slowest week of the year here in Key West, people are home with family and the streets are almost vacant these days.    I kind of reminds me of a old Jimmy Buffett song, "When the Coast is Clear".     I get to spend some time with myself and see this place for what it really means to me.    With the business of the bar, Rum Lab, and the blog I rarely get to spend any time with me to reflect and enjoy what really make me tick.     There is something really special about dropping anchor in a secluded bay and just be.   

     I wonder about myself and why I need to keep so many balls in the air like a circus juggler, but it is what keeps me happy and a live when I have a good direction and a purpose.    Every once in a while I need to slow down and relax for a few days to check on myself and make sure this is really who I am.     Sunday night we are taking a short road trip to Daytona Beach to look a a new tender for the boat.    You'll see a blog tomorrow as usual, but not on Monday.    I'm taking a day off while I'm on the road, but I'll be back on Tuesday and back to my life in Key West.

    Thanks to all of you that follow, it makes this adventure fun when I can share it with my friends.   ;o)