Saturday, August 29, 2015

Selvarey Rums Expand Their Distribution

Selvarey Cocoa
     Selvarey Rums has announced that it is expanding its distribution to Florida, Hawaii, South Carolina, California, Nevada: (Southern Wine and Spirits), Georgia: (Savannah Distributing), New Jersey: (Fedway Associates), New York: (Empire Merchants)Tennessee: (Lipman Brothers), Washington DC: (Washington Wholesale).  This means that these fine rums will be available very soon on many more shelves and cocktail lounges  here in the US.  Previously only available in California and Nevada, this is very welcome news.

     Brought together by a lifelong passion for rum, Bruno Mars teamed up with three rum aficionados to change people's perception of what rum can be. After years of searching, they finally found legendary Master Blender Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez, former "Maestro de Ronero" for Havana Club who carved out a distillery from the jungles of Panama known for producing some of the finest rums in the world. Together they created Selvarey.

     Selvarey White  a blend of three- and five- year-old rums, is aged in American Oak casks and carbon-filtered to remove most of the color without losing the deep flavors imparted during the aging process. Unlike many white rums, Selvarey has been crafted with the distinct goal of being fine enough to sip on the rocks. Yet it makes a superlative cocktail..

     Selvarey Cacao  the world's premier chocolate spirit, boasts a rich five-year-old Panamanian rum whose inherent character is brought out by the infusion of natural chocolate. SelvaRey Cacao Rum can be sipped neat or on the rocks.

     These are very nice rums and ones that are welcome additions in many fine places, be sure a try them if you haven't had the opportunity before.  Especially those of  you that are of the chocolate persuasion.   ;o)