Friday, November 6, 2015

Day Two, Judging and Hanging Out at the Beach

     After a hardy breakfast and a walk on the beach, it was time to head up to the rum tasting room and begin the judging.   We were tasked with 58 rums in the categories of White, Brown (Gold), Aged 5 to 9 years, Aged 10 to 15 years, Premium, Overproof, Spiced and Flavored.   The judging took some 4 hours to complete, but the group diligently tasted each expression and gave it the deserving grades in the areas of appearance, aroma, taste and overall opinion of the experience.  Upon completion we all headed for a restaurant and some food.  That was a lot of rum and the tasters were getting a bit numb by he time we were finished.

Airbus 340 300 plus Passenger Plane landing over the beach.
     With our work complete for the day, many of us went down to the beach to sit at the end of the runway and watch the huge planes as they came into the St. Maarten's Princess Juliana International Airport from the sea.  It is a really unbelievable sight to watch as these huge planes drop closer and closer to you on their final approach.  Watching planes like the huge jumbo jets like the Boeing 747 or a giant Airbus 340 that carries over 300 passengers is really an intense experience.  

      This evening was filled wit a great supper and some time with fiends at the bar,  Tomorrow is the big day for me with my master class presentation on the daiquiri.   I've got some preparation to get ready for the class at 3:15 tomorrow afternoon, and getting the blender, shakers and all the tings necessary to create three of these wonderful cocktails as I talk to the group.

     That is about it for today's adventures, I fill you in on Friday's adventures tomorrow and I'll be headed back to Key West on Saturday.  Rum Church runs at its usual time on Sunday at the Rum Bar at the Speakeasy Inn.   See you there.  ;o)

Sunset Sunset Bar at Maho Beach