Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There is a "Wee World" Out There

     Isn't it interesting as we walk around all of these places and all that we see is the big stuff.  It seems that we rarely look closer at the place and see all of the colorful and interesting little things that surround us.  I was walking around the park at Bahia Honda the other day and I found myself looking at butterflies, flowers and little birds rather that at the ocean, the bridge and the really "spectacular" stuff. 

     What I found was a very small and wonderfully colorful world  that is right in front of me at a much smaller level.  The little flowers, colorful and very delicate just sitting there waiting for someone to notice them.  Then I was surrounded by butterflies and little birds.  All this while wandering through a holler of interesting bushes and flowers.

     It never ceases to amaze me what you can see is you slow down a bit and open your eyes.  A second look is you will at what you thought you saw in your first glance.  There are so many little things out there that are so worth while seeing.  Take the time to look closely, the sights are so rewarding when you finally notice them.  ;o)