Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Look What this Rum Writer Got for Christmas

   I found a great present under the Christmas Tree this morning.   This is one of the rums that I have been waiting to put into my collection and be able to sip and enjoy for years.   Christmas is that special time of year when wishes come true and you get to share them with your special friends and family.   This year is no exception, getting a bottle of "Reserva Don Pancho" Origenes 30 Year Old Rum makes for a real special day.   I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful present.  

     I was first introduced to the rum at the Rum Renaissance Festival in Miami this past April when Don Pancho and Carlos first brought it to light.  Now actually having one is just unbelievable.   This is a true Spanish style rum made from Don Pancho's very private reserves and only available now in limited quantities.   Terlato Wines has been chosen to be the distributors of Don Pancho Fernandez's very own rums, both the 18 and 30 year old expressions.   These rums were bought by Don Pancho many years ago and have been tucked away with this project in mind.   Today we will finally have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of all of his knowledge and passion for the rum.

     From it's rich mahogany color of Origenes Reserva Don Pancho and the legs from its viscosity are only the beginning of this superb experience.   The balanced aromas of  vanilla, oak, tobacco and spices tells me this is going to be a very special tasting experience.   The tasting reveals a smooth, full bodied rum that mirrors many of the aromas that you taste and just seems to flow immediately into a finish of lingering sweetness that dries as the flavor begins to fade.

     I am so proud to be able to say that I have this bottle of such fine rum to call my own, this is a Christmas to be remembered and long cherished.    I know that I will be enjoying this for many years to come, when the occasion warrants it.

Thank You So Much.   ;o)