Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday: My Day Off

     I walked up the dock as usual this morning headed for the office to write the blog, wish everyone a happy birthday, and take care of the other things sitting on my desk.   It was really hard for me to keep going this morning, I really wanted to make a u turn and jump into the dinghy and head out to the uninhabited keys for a day away from everything and everyone.   I really love my work at the Rum Bar, but once in a while I need to get away from "people".  

     I managed to make it to the office, but I was still struggling with my decision not to escape.  I hate my "work ethic" sometimes.    It is just one of those days when you dream of being totally independent of everyone and don't have to worry about anyone or anything but yourself.  Reality sets in and I don't mean "reality TV".  This means I have to do what needs to be done before I escape for the afternoon.

     The warmth and the beauty of this part of the world requires a lot of drive to keep yourself on track, but if I want to be able to send you all of the fun pictures and the daily excitement of Key West, I guess that I need to work a little bit.   Not all can be as free as the sea gulls soaring in the morning sun.