Thursday, September 27, 2018

All Shook Up Today Launches Its Newest Flavor Exclusively into Tesco Flamingo Colada

     All Shook Up cocktails launches its new flavor Flamingo Colada, hitting shelves this week. Flamingo Colada is a delicious, fruit flavored twist on the classic Pina Colada.  The RTS can is a mix of natural coconut, grenadine and lime flavors shaken with white rum and fruit alcohol making for a taste that transports you to an exotic paradise.   Priced at $1.65, Flamingo Colada comes in 250ml cans, with aesthetics tapping into fashion, beauty and social culture. The 4.5% ABV millennial pink liquid is paired with a chic and brightly patterned flamingo decorated ‘Instagramable’ can design.
     Successfully blowing up on social media upon launch, selling hundreds of thousands of cans per month, All Shook Up consumers went wild for the new flavor the Passion Fruit Martini variant. With All Shook Up social content and PR coverage already reaching 17,700,000 plus consumers, they predict Flamingo Colada will take the brand to the next stage of Instagram domination.
     All Shook Up Brand Controller Christian Sarginson, said: “Flamingo Colada marks an exciting time for Global Brands as we expand our All Shook Up brand in Tesco. Consumers are demanding new, on trend flavors to tie in with their fast paced, social media driven lifestyle. Through the launch of Flamingo Colada, we are combining one of the nation’s best loved cocktails, together with one of the biggest trends of this year; flamingos. Plus, canned cocktails are growing +30% in value and +28% in volume YoY in volume YoY as ease becomes one of the number one factors when 21-24-years old purchase drinks.”