Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why Do I Love Spring Break So Much?

     I keep asking myself why do I really enjoy spring break so much.      I guess it is because I enjoy watching and being around people who are not afraid of having a good time.     I guess I still like being around really cute young ladies as well.     Nevertheless, it is always my exit from winter and the start of the sunny time of year.     Seeing all of the kids really having fun and putting their school books down and partying hardy is really a good thing for all ages of people.     Several of my friends from the University of Florida stopped by yesterday to share in a few cocktails with me at the Rum Bar yesterday and it reminded me how fun a little "wreckless abandon" is especially if it is just for a few days or so.     This is a "rumstylers nirvana", a place to get away and let all the stress, fatigue, and other constraints vaporize into space and have some fun.

     These kids energize me as I'm buzzing around behind the bar trying to keep up with the drink orders and still be able to carry on something of a conversation with them.     If they aren't talking at light speed, they are texting friends at another venue, or sharing pictures with their friends.     The internet and smart phones are really helping to keep the friends closer than ever even when they in different parts of the city,untry or the world.     The other really fun part of spring break is the wide age spread, young and us old farts and everyone in between all sharing experiences and all having fun together.   

     This is why I live here in Key West, mutual respect and people that can really have fun at the same time.     There is no necessity to trash other people or property, just cut loose and have some fun.      The "single rule" philosophy really works (anything goes, as long as you don't hurt others in the process).     I think is this rule was followed as well in other parts of the world everyone would be having as much fun as we do in Key West.        Thanks to all the kids of Spring  Break 2011, keep up the good work and lets have a little bit of fun.     ;o)