Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rainy Day In Key West

     My day off today and it's raining, hmmmmmmmmmm  I guess that I'll just have to do some creative indoor work today.    Let me see, write my blog, do some work on the book, create a new cocktail.    Nah, I'm going out and play in the rain and watch all of the tourists dodge the rain and do all the things they do to get the most of a rainy vacation day.   

     We sit under awnings and on porches looking the wrong way, or drive our electric car in the rain with our umbrella up, or a scooter with a rain suit.   We try not to let the rain stop us from doing what we want to, but is does tend to slow us down.    Key West doesn't usual have all day rain events, but today sure looks like one to me.     I guess the correct action is to just keep on keeping on and get the stuff completed that I need to, and maybe head over to the Hurricane Hole in the rain for some lunch and a little rum.

     Well, the day in the computer room just came to an end with the Internet going down, that is why I'm finishing up this piece today.   The rain took out the whole day until about 6:30pm when the sun made a brief appearance before setting.   So you get the story today instead of yesterday.

Plastic bags are all the fashion this year