Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Red Hook; St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.

     Red Hook is a little port town on the Southeast corner of St. Thomas.    It is the jumping off point for the ferry to St. Johns and the British Virgin Islands.    This little port is where we first arrive to after landing at the St. Thomas Airport and drive through Charlotte Amalie to the Eastern side of the island.    Once we master the art of driving on the left had side of the road the trip is very scenic as we wind up and down the mountain to the East side of St. Thomas.   

     Once we reach Red Hook, it is time for us to finally let our hair down and relax.   There are many great venues for this all within easy walking distance of the marina.     Our first stop is Molly Malone's for a bite to eat and a cocktail, the seats on the water's edge are wonderful as we watch the boats coming and going while we eat and have a cocktail.

     Next we wander up to the top deck and the Island Time Pub for some more serious cocktails and a view that Takes your eye all the way to St. Johns.   The locals start arriving at the pub and the party is getting underway as we order our second round of cocktails.

Hitting all of the Marina side pubs and bars behind us, it was time to focus our attention to the other side of the street and a well known watering hole known as "Duffy's Love Shack".     This is another crazy pub that brings a mass of people to Red Hook for fun and great spirits.     Outlandish cocktails and food, this is a highlight of any one's visit to Red Hook.   The Tiki Bar atmosphere is one of great fun and frolic as you relax and let the place happen around you. 

     Red Hook is the "local" dominated area of St. Thomas and the place to go to get away from the crowds of Havensight  and Charlotte Amalie.    This is the fun side of the island and a place to be among the locals and meet new and fun people from just about everywhere.   Do be stuck in the crowds, grab a safari and tell them to take you to Red Hook and let your self go for a really fun afternoon and evening.