Monday, May 14, 2018

Cayman Island Sunday: The Streets are Rolled up and Most Things are Closed

     It was a morning to set on the veranda and watch a huge iguana at the pool and then head to Calico Jacks  on the beach for a nice lunch and beach scene.  This vacation has seen the mornings sleeping in and just hanging out on the veranda in the mornings.  Sunday was no exception, watching a beautiful day unfold in front of us was time well enjoyed.  Pretty flowers and a huge iguana make the morning very different from the rain out yesterday morning.

     We had some errands to run, but found that virtually every store was closed on Sundays, so it was off to Calico Jack's for lunch on Seven Mile Beach.  This is a cool beach bar and restaurant right out on the sand at the north end of Seven Mile Beach.  A pure  eclectic place that fits the beach and the island.  We enjoyed a beach side seat looking out over the beach and the water.  Lunch was good and it was back down the beach we went.

     Looking forward to our last full day today on
the island.  We plan on visiting a few more friends and getting packed up to head home early Tuesday morning.